The Wandering of the Three Year Old Mind

Annie: Hey, Dad. I'm a smart cookie.

Gonzo: Yes, you are.

Annie: Hey, Dad. I like cookies.

Gonzo: Me too.

Annie: I don't like chocolate chip cookies though.

Gonzo: Oh, I do.

Annie: I like chocolate though. I like Hershey kisses.

Gonzo: So do I.

Annie: Hey, Dad. Maybe we could go to Hershey Park again.

She pops her thumb into her mouth and turns her eyes expectantly toward Gonzo, awaiting his answer.

Gonzo: Maybe we will go this summer.

Annie: Okay!

And with that she happily gallops off toward bed.


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Cutie! All about the food these days, huh? Daddy knows the power of a "maybe". He's a smart cookie!

Scott used to be confused by the saying "smart cookie" and b/c he liked cake used to say, "no, I'm not a smart cookie, I'm a smart piece of cake!"

Amy said...

Funny girl! Georgia agrees with Annie about chocolate chip cookies. She always picks out the chocolate chips and just eats the crumbs of cookie. She also likes Hershey kisses!

Niksmom said...

Hmmm...smart cookie indeed! Do you suppose she was angling for the HP trip after all?

Love her free association...chocolate is always good! LOL

Marla said...

Very sweet!

Delilah said...

Lori- Yes, she is food obsessed lately. "Smart piece of cake"- Ha!

Amy- Annie does the same exact thing. Just another reason why they get along so well ;)

Niksmom- It is very possible that she had the HP trip on her mind the whole time.

Marla- Pun intended?

kyra said...

so cute!

tulipmom said...

So cute!

I put kisses in SB's lunchbox earlier this week. What did I find when he came home? He ate nothing but the kisses that day. Five measly Hershey kisses for lunch ....

Delilah said...

Tulipmom- Annie would prefer a candy-only diet. She would have done the same thing as SB!