Where Babies Come From

Annie: Hey, Dad. Do you remember when you comed to the hospital and picked me out?

Dad: eyes twinkling with amusement I sure do.

Annie: very serious Yeah and you picked me instead of the other babies because I was the best one there and you liked me the best.

Dad: That's right, honey.

As you can see we have yet to have THE TALK. I wonder how much longer we can get away with her version of the facts of life.



The young twentysomething strode confidently through the crowd, a single word emblazoned across her chest.


An obvious play on the R-word.

An internet search revealed the following:

Found on this site: "This funny t-shirt is meant to be worn with humor in mind. We all know that video gamer who just needs to express their inner self. Enjoy the lighter side of life just a little bit more in style and comfort."

And here: "Do you play with your wii all day? Wii do too! That's why we're wiitarded! Get this shirt today. Made of 100% cotton this tee will stand up to the most rigorous sitting down. Own this t-shirt and show everyone that you really are wiitarded."

And still another: "We are Wii-Tarded. That means we love our wiis to the point of being crazy. Let the gamer in you out and be wiitarded. This humorous spoof on the Nintendo wii will have the humor flowing at your next wii-kend party."

I don't know about you, but I fail to see the humor.



Summer is our season. Combine a husband's flexible work schedule with a serious case of wanderlust and the result is endless summer fun all while living out of suitcases. Our travels took us to the beach with my husband's family, to Disney World to visit a dear friend, then to another beach with my family.

Traveling with 3 young children is a challenge. Add autism, a whining preschooler who insists she lost the ability to walk, and a newly-minted toddler whose sole purpose in life is to destroy everything in his path to the mix and it is downright exhausting. My husband and I often joke that we don't go on vacation but merely pack up the contents of our house and live somewhere else for a few weeks. Exhausting, yes. But totally worth it.

Old memories were relived, new memories made. Kate splashing in the ocean, riding the waves on her little boogie board like a pro, jumping into the pool and swimming under the water. Annie laughing with her cousins, singing songs from High School Musical at the top of her lungs, riding a roller coaster for the first time. Little Fella playing in the sand, taking his first steps, eyes wide while taking in the sights and sounds of Disney World. These are the things that I will remember.

Now all I need to do is lose the 5 pounds I gained from pigging out, give my liver time to repair from the alcohol consumption, catch up on some sleep, and dig myself out from under mountains of laundry. Then I think I will need a vacation.