The Inexplicable

Each morning we walk past the row of stately sycamores, their trunks adorned with yellow ribbons. And each morning she turns to me and asks me the same question in her squeaky little voice, Mommy, why are there yellow ribbons on those trees?

My answer is always simple, always the same. They are for the men and women in the military, I tell her. They are for our troops who are fighting in a war very far from home. It means that we are thinking about them and praying they are safe.

And each time she utters, Oh, feigning understanding, but the question still lingers in her eyes. She clearly does not, nor will not, understand my explanation, no matter how simple. Words such as military, troops, and war are just not in her 4 year-old vocabulary.

This week we learned of the tragic loss of Vicki's son, Evan, who touched many lives. And although as adults we have the words in our vocabulary, the loss of a child is beyond comprehension. My thoughts and prayers go out to Vicki and her family. I wish peace and comfort to all.

Information about services for Evan can be found here.