Your Voice

Little Fella's melodic cooing filled the air. Annie turned to me, a question in her eyes. "What's Little Fella doing?"

"He's just practicing his voice," I answered.

"He doesn't have a voice. He can't talk yet!"

"You're right, he doesn't say any words yet, but he still has a voice."

Annie thought this over, carefully. "Where does you voice come from, Mama?"

The immediate thought that popped into my head was a logical explanation, your voice comes from your throat, from your vocal cords. Meeting her expectant gaze, the real answer became clear. "Your voice comes from your heart."


Gina said...

Beautiful. And so it does.

slouching mom said...

Lovely. And true.

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

And now we get to hear your voice here. Beautiful post.

Delilah said...

It really is amazing how much these little critters are teaching me!

mcewen said...

Quick thinking - good answer.
BEst wishes

Casdok said...

Yes good answer!
Love it!