Little Fella

Little Fella is somewhat of a misnomer for our third child, who tipped the scales weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces at birth. Needless to say, I am glad he no longer occupies my body. At the time of Little Fella's arrival, Kate's favorite movie was Finding Nemo, with her favorite scene being the one in which Dory attempts to speak whale to what she thought was a little sea creature, which ended up being a giant whale. Anyway, Kate committed this scene to memory and could be found scripting it throughout the day. As soon as we brought the baby home, she began referring to him not by his given name, but as Little Fella. And it stuck.

I am still getting to know Little Fella, this newest member of our family. I know that he likes to be held all day, and I know that he is amused by the antics of his older sisters. He likes to take naps on his dad's chest but not in his crib. He likes to snuggle against my neck as he falls asleep at night, and I like hearing the soft whisper of his breath. He recently learned how to smile, and every time I see that smile it makes my heart sing.


slouching mom said...

Oh, beautiful! I miss babies curled up into my shoulder. I miss their sweet little squeaks.

Enjoy him. (And congratulations!)

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

He is precious! I was lucky enough to hold him and see his smile. You are killing me with the third child thing...

Delilah said...

Slouching Mom-
Thanks for reading! His little squeaks remind me of my girls when they were babies. They grow way too fast!

So glad you were able to meet him. BTW, the dinner was delicious. I need your recipe!