Where Babies Come From

Annie: Hey, Dad. Do you remember when you comed to the hospital and picked me out?

Dad: eyes twinkling with amusement I sure do.

Annie: very serious Yeah and you picked me instead of the other babies because I was the best one there and you liked me the best.

Dad: That's right, honey.

As you can see we have yet to have THE TALK. I wonder how much longer we can get away with her version of the facts of life.


Osh said...

I like her version better than the real thing!

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

I love when you can let them tell there own version and just agree. Not lying, just not revealing all the facts! Now, if only my seven-year old would accept this version!

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Unfortunately, we have had THE TALK with Audrey. Actually, Rich had THE TALK. I was too scared. It ended up being OK, but we will see what happens when it's Georgia's turn!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. My first thought was that she is talking about being adopted. M will talk about how we went to the hospital to get her, which we did. M is adopted and we have had to have many talks about adoption and how babies are made. Just last weekend she asked me, "mom were you in Grandpa's belly when you were born?!" She inisisted that must be how it works. Ahhh! Apparently, most of our talks are not being understood.;)

jess said...

so sweet. i had the TALK with darby about a year ago after a cousin with older girls scared me senseless into thinking i was way overdue.

until then, the only time that darby asked 'mama, i know i came FROM your tummy, but how did i get IN your tummy?' matt and i sat in panicked silence just long eough for her to say, 'did God put me there?'

As you can imagine, we both nodded overly enthusiastically and sought to leave it there.

but at my cousins urging, i told my then 6 year old the whole story - brief, straightforward, no extra info. she burst into tears and then said, 'why would you tell me that? next time, could you please wait until i'm older?'

i'm convinced it's a no win.

kristi said...

LOL! Let her keep believing that for awhile!