Life According to Kate

When I was 1, I didn't have no teeth.

When I was 2, Annie was zero.

When I was 3, I get a Honda Odyssey.

When I was 4, I goed to Disney.

When I 5, I get a lost tooth.

When I 6, I ride the bus.

When I 7, I will whistle.

When I 8, I will do ju-nastics. (translation-gymnastics)

When I 9, I will get a really lot of lost tooth.

When I 10, I will go on stage.

When I 11, I will play soccer.

When I 12, I climb a tree.

When I 13, I will wear a bra.

When I 14, I take a shower.

When I 15, I will climb on things.

When I 16, I will poop on the potty.

When I 17, I go on bigger rides.

When I 18, I get a bathroom in my room.

When I get a mommy, I ride in the front.

When I 98, Annie beed 96.

When I 100, I beed really big.


kristen said...

Oh my goodness! Talk about the best laid plans...

This is priceless.

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

I can't wait for her to see this list someday! She is a trip!

btw - Jane also says "when I am a mommy I get to ride in front like you" Must be big stuff to them!!

Delilah said...

I just hope some of these plans are not set in stone...specifically her plans for when she turns 16!

slouching mom said...

When I 14, I take a shower.

Not before then? Oh, dear! LOL!

Delilah said...

SM- I have no idea where she comes up with these things!

tulipmom said...

I love it! I often joke about "The Rules According to SB."

I remember when we were trying to potty train him at 3 and 4 he used to say he would pee on the potty when he turned 5.

And he did.

He turns 7 in a few weeks, and while he poops on the potty during the day (mostly), he still does it in his GoodNight many nights. I'm still waiting for the declaration "When I'm (insert age here) I'll wear underwear to bed."
Let's hope it's prior to turning
16. Oy.

Delilah said...

Tulipmom- Thanks for stopping by! Where do they come up with these things?