"Kate, are you my friend?" asked a little girl in Kate's prekindergarten class.

"Yes," Kate responded promptly.

"Kate, are you my friend?" the little girl persisted.

"Yes," Kate repeated.

"Kate, are you my friend and nobody else's friend? My best friend?" the little girl asked.

Kate gave her a puzzled look, not understanding the exclusion that goes along with being a best friend. "I friends with everybody. All everybody are friends," Kate answered.

Satisfied with her answer, the little girl took Kate's hand and the two of them bounced toward the playground. Friends.


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

She is so sweet and innocent. Why do kids start this need for exclusion so early? It pains me.

slouching mom said...

I wish all kids could be like your daughter.

Anonymous said...

that is the DEAREST! i hope for fluffy to find a friend as sweet as kate one day.

Delilah said...

Lori- She is so innocent, a little too innocent, I fear.

Slouching Mom and Kyra- Thank you, you are both very kind.

Kyra- Thanks for stopping by and reading!