A Meme to Get Me Out of My Blogging Funk

Niksmom so kindly tagged me for this meme, thus bringing to end my 7 week blog silence.

5 things found in your bag

1. A laminated card of Jesus- I was strolling through town one day about 8 years ago when I stumbled upon Jesus. He stared at me unwaveringly from a laminated card that had been propped up against the curb, as if waiting for me. I stared back, pondering my next move. I quickly glanced around and picked up the card. On the back, a quote: "Lord, Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can't handle." The card has been with me everyday since I found it.

2. Epi-Pen for Annie's mild walnut allergy, just in case.

3. 2 mismatched socks, courtesy of Little Fella's fondness for removing his socks and tossing them wherever he sees fit.

4. My calendar/planner that I would be lost without.

5. Crumbs.

5 favorite things in your room
(Right now I am in my family room.)

1. My new couch- Back in November we special-ordered a couch. What should have taken a maximum of 6 weeks ended up taking 11 weeks. Very long story short, our long awaited couch arrived covered in a hideous brown and green paisley material that no sane person would ever order. I refused the couch, had my money refunded, went to a different salesperson, and bought a different couch. 3 days later it was delivered, and it is fabulous.

2. My new laptop- My darling husband decided if I was going to spend so much time on the computer it might be a good idea to purchase a laptop so we could at least sit next to each other on said couch. So we sit here, side by side. He reads the paper, I read blogs.

3. My fireplace- The one thing we did not like about our house when we bought it was that it did not have a fireplace. We had a gas fireplace installed shortly after we moved in. My husband and my father-in-law built the mantle that surrounds the fireplace themselves.

4. Pictures I took of the girls at the beach.

5. A picture of Gonzo and I walking through the Virgin River on our cross-country trip 10 years ago.

5 things you have always wanted to do

1. Run a 5K.

2. Go to Hawaii.

3. Own a beach house.

4. Get organized.

5. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

5 things you are currently into

1. Running.

2. Reading blogs.

3. Lost.

4. Driving all over creation for playdates, dance class, school, etc.

5. Going out on dates with my husband.

5 people you'd like to tag

Amy, Lori, Kristen, Maddy, Tulipmom


Maddy said...

Oh you poor little petal! How come you are lost? How can we help. There again I've heard of 'being' lost but I'm not quite sure how you can be 'into lost'? Is that more serious than ordinary lost?

I have actually done this meme but I also have a very large bag so I'll see if I can tackle it over the weekend when I do most of my writing.

Anonymous said...

We love LOST too. We are Net Flixing it so we watch about three to four episodes a night. It slowed during this last sinus infection. We are now on Season Two. I love it.

I wish I could see the card you have of Jesus. I have lots of prayer cards. I guess I am a collector of them. Very cool story with yours.

Hope you don't stay silent anymore. I have always enjoyed your blog.

kristen spina said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm back into Lost, too, after a long long time of not being into Lost.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Ooo, my first meme! Thanks!

Can I just say that LOST is the best. show. ever. We are DVR'ing it, so don't tell me ANYthing.

Niksmom said...

So glad you're back! And hey, with that new laptop...no excuses for being quiet so long! (We missed you.)

LOST...lost me after the second season. I may rent it now that it's on DVD and try to reignite the flame that once burned so bright. I found I didn't have the mental bandwidth to stay focused week to week. I ended up lost myself!

floating in space said...

Maddy- I should have clarified. LOST is a TV show. I'm OK!

Marla- My in-laws watched LOST the same way as you. It's interesting because my father-in-law has picked up on little details that we never noticed. I think so much goes on in an episode that it is easy to forget from week to week. Happy viewing!

Kristen- We are totally addicted.

Amy- I think we may need to invest in DVR.

Niksmom- I think watching it on DVD will rekindle that flame. I don't really have any excuses for being silent for so long. I won't let it happen again!

Anonymous said...

i'm into LOST too! i'm assuming you mean the show, yes? i am completely baffled by how they are ever going to tie up all those plots strings!

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

I love when things speak to you, like the Jesus card, you have to hang on to that! Your photos, all of them, are beautiful, you should get back into photography, also.

Maybe we can run in Hawaii some day ..., but as for Lost, I am totally lost. Matt and I keep planning to do a marathon Lost viewing thing to catch up, but it never happens.

Thanks for the tag, I think this meme is doable so I will take it on!! (and so glad to see you posting!!)